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Smart Home Safe Box For Your Home 2024

In today’s tech generation, security and convenience frequently go hand in hand. Safes are as equally important as other smart home gadgets that we are using to make our daily lives more easy and convenience. Smart home safes can provide you the digital control and remote access with the strong foundation of traditional protection.

This safes are  must buy for every person, it can be used to store valuables, jewellery, or even your expensive digital devices. Below we are discussing the main reasons why a smart home safe box is a must have for your house.

Let’s First Discuss The Key Features Of Smart Home Safe Box:

Advanced Security Features

Biometric Access: One of the most demanding feature in smart home safe is biometric access through the finger print. With this feature only the known person can access to your safe or we can say who are allowed. This biometric access can help you to reduce unwanted access to your safe and gives high level of security to your valuables.

PIN Code Entry: Some of the smart home safe box comes with the digital pad that allows their users to enter the unique pin code in order to access the biometric. An additional degree of security is added with this dual-layer security method.

Emergency Key: Most of these smart safes comes with a mechanical key override, even with the high end technology. If there is some electric cut  or your forgot your pin then you can use this way to open your safe safely.

Tamper Alerts: These smart home safe box also comes with the temper alert, whenever the unknown person tries to open your safe it gives you a sound alarm or can also send message to your smart phone, so that you can take the necessary actions towards that instant alert.

Connectivity and Integration

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connectivity: With the growing technology you can control these smart safes remotely by using a application in your smartphone, you just need to connect your home to your home network either it is wifi or Bluetooth. With this feature you can also remotely unlock your safes and check on its condition.

Smart Home Integration: Most of the smart safes I have seen with the integration of smart home gadgets like Google home, Alexa or Apple Kit. With this interface you can control your safe with the voice command in your smart home ecosystem.

Remote Access: With the remote access you can give temporary access to the trusted people even when you are not at home via your smartphone app. I liked this feature personally, I mean how cool is that you can just remotely access to you all of your valuables.

Checkout the Best smart home safe box

Brand/ModelTypeLocking MechanismConnectivitySmart FeaturesSize (Interior)Estimated Price
SimpliSafe Smart SafeUndercounterFingerprint, KeypadWi-Fi Real-time alerts, low battery notifications1.2 cu. ft.$200-$250
Yale YSDLE2 InsideWall MountedFingerprint, KeypadWi-Fi/BluetoothRemote access, tamper alerts, interior camera0.8 cu. ft.$300-$350
Gatestone VaultFloor SafeFingerprint, KeypadWi-FiRemote access, locking history, multi-user access2.0 cu. ft.$500-$600
SentrySafe HS20500Hotel SafeKeypad, Backup KeyBluetoothRemote access (limited range with Bluetooth)0.5 cu. ft.$100-$150

Different Types of Smart Home Safes

There are lot of smart safe available in the market of different shape, sizes for your needs. Lets check the most common type that suits you best.

Gun Safes: These types of safes are built with the multi-locking mechanisms and with fireproof construction. These type of sturdy safes provides high level of security for the guns. For extra security, biometric identification is  regularly included with the smart gun safes.

Jewelry Safes: These safes looks smaller in the size but made with very strong construction and advanced locking system to keep your jewelery safe.

Document Safes: Designed to protect your important documents like passports, birth certificates etc. This safes can protect your documents from the fire also as it comes with the additional degree of security.

Key Safes: These types of safes are created to share the spare keys with your family members or house maids, or dog keeper. These smart safe keys do not require physical key exchanges as they enable remote access code generation and management.

Why Do You Need smart home safe box ?

Lets discuss this topic, do you really need this? My answer is a “BIG YES”.

No doubt that our traditional safes worked very excellent in terms of physical security but the thing is they lack on advanced security like remote access, real-time monitoring, and features like fingerprint scanners.

Nowadays, if you are not at home, even then you can give acesss to your trusted person to access your safe. So my suggestion is everyone must have one smart safe in their home according to their needs.

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