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Choosing Perfect Bedroom Light Fixtures? Check Here!!


Once again welcoming you all to my blog.  So, today’s topic is so exciting as we are going to talk about the types of bedroom lights and how you can choose those for your bedroom. Many people here neglect the different types of light for cost cutting but they don’t know how lights can change the environment of their bedroom. So, without wasting anybody’s time, last get back to the topic :

Bedroom is one of the most important of our lives, because whenever you come from the long hectic day, your bedroom must be very comfortable, so that it can relax you. Also the bedroom light fixtures plays very essential role in creating a good environment for your bedroom. Hence, it is very necessary to have a good light fixtures in your bedroom as well as in your whole home. Here in this blog I’ll sharing you the examples to create a perfect bedroom light fixtures.

Use Multiple Lights On Your Bedroom

The very first thing is don’t ever depend on the single light in your bedroom. Try to use  multiple lights for the different parts of your rooom.  Layering the lights in the room, so you don’t have to depend on the single light for different tasks like reading books, ironing your dress in the morning etc.

Here’s how to make this work:

The Main Light – Ceiling Light

Your main ceiling light works as the master light of your room coz it’s providing lights in all over the room. For ceiling you can choose lights accordingly like Flush mount or Semi-flush. Some people might get confuse on how to get the correct size, so here it is : add the length and width of your room in feet, and after sum the result should be equal to the diameter of light fixtures in inches.  This will make sure that your room get enough light and not becomes too much bright.

Your Support Lights – Bedside Lamps

These bedside lights are equally important in your room because if you want to do any task like checking your mobile phone or reading books or watching t.v and you dont feel like switch on the ceiling light, so these light will work in that case. Choose lamps that matches your nightstands, with a height that is between one-third and two-thirds of the nightstand’s width.  This make sure that the light coming is appropriate for either reading or working on your laptop. You can try lamps with adjustable arms for more flexibility.

The Mood Maker-Accent Light

Now, it’s time to add charm in your bedroom with the accent lights. Trust me, I have seen these lights creating amazing environment in your bedroom. You can cover your bed headboards with the strings of light to create the beautiful and romantic touch to your room. Experimenting with the different or decorative lights to create the unique environment according to your taste. 

Now, It’s Time To Setting Up The Tone For The Relaxing Night

Warm White Lights

Choose warm white bulbs (2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin) to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Cooler temperatures for daylight may be ideal for the kitchen, but they can feel too clinical and stimulating in a bedroom. Warm whites can help you relax and sleep better.

Dimmers – Must Have In Your Room

Without Dimmers your bedroom light is like the music without volume. Funny, Right!! Dimmers are your best friends for creating a relaxing environment. These are nothing but the switches that you can control the light level based on your requirements. Are you a novel reader expert? Dim the lights to create a focused and immersive experience. Preparing for bed? To create a sleep-inducing atmosphere, lower the light even further. Dimmers allow you to set the ideal lighting environment for any nighttime activity.

Night Lights – Your Darkest Friend

Bedroom Light Fixtures

These Night lights are good for safety features also, particularly in the rooms with children. Choose a warm colour that gives enough light to see around the room while maintaining your sleep. Plug-in nightlights provide flexibility, whereas built-in options add a touch of class to your space.

Make sure your light switches are easily accessible from both the bed and the entrance for your convenience. These can help you while struggling in the dark room, resulting in a pleasant and frustration-free experience.

Bottom Line

That’s all from my side. I hope I’ve explain very well in this blog that how the different type of lights can impact your bedroom environment and how they are important for doing different type of tasks that you do on your bedroom.
By following these steps that I have mentioned above, you can easily transform your bedroom light fixtures. Keep experimenting with the lights until you like the environment of your bedroom.

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