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What Is Smart Home ? Advantages, Disadvantages & Cost

Before Starting, A big Hello to all the viewers who came here to read my blog. Welcoming you all to the Smart Home Castle. Here I’ll try to share all the best possibilities related to home decor and automation. Also please feel free if you have any suggestions regarding home automation blogs or if you guys want me to do some product review on Automation products.

Lets back to our main topic then :

What Is Smart Home?

So,I guess many of you already know about what is Smart Home and how it can helps you to make your life easier. For those who dont know, Smart Home basically know all about fo your routine. For e.g. the time when you wakes up, it automatically turn on the lights and open your curtains.

With Smart Home you can automate all your home tasks like switching on your home theatre, also it regularly checks the camera and indicates you when someone is on the door.

All these Smart Home devices are connected with the home internet and you can easily control those with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. These Smart Home setup can make your life very comfortable with these automated devices.

Advantages Of Having A Smart Home

The main advantage of haing Smart home system is that you can easily operate your all home with just a single device. Also you are easily get all the notifications for eg. if someone is on your door or if some of your smart device needs attention. You can easily check for issues in your smart device and solve them.

Disadvantages Of Having A Smart Home

While there is some advantage then there must be some disadvantage. From my point of view the biggest disadvantage I have seen in these years is for security threat. Hackers always try to hack these smart devices, you need to be very careful when setting up your password or always try to connect only the trusted devices to your home network connection.

Devices For Smart Home Technology

Security Camera & Sytems

With the smart security system you can easily track what’s going on your home even when you are away. These smart sensors are able to send you the notifications when someone is in your home. Also these systems aware you whenever there will be some unusual activity happening at your home.

Door Locks

With these smart locks in your home, you can easily give access to anyone who comes at your door. These smart locks also automatically opens the door for the known visitors.

Lightning Systems

The smart lightning system in you home is truly a bliss. It can automatically switch on the lights if someone enters the room and also it can manages the brightness level according to the daylight.

Kitchen Appliances

There are some big brands in the market who offers number of smart appliances for the Kichen, for e.g coffee maker – it can automatically makes a coffee for you on the given time, also you can get the receipes based on the ingredients that are available at that time. Also you dont have to worry about your laundary, it will be all done automatically, you just need to set command for that.


These smart sockets works more like Alexa, it can automates your living room lamps, or lights, ceiling fans etc. You can easily control these with your mobile phone.

Entertainment Systems

Smart home entertainment system can be fun when you easily control with them with your device on the hand. With the application you can easily control you television and speakers at the same time with the single operation. Easy, Right??

Costing For Smart Home Setup ?

Finally, the most awaiting topic I guess. What will be the cost for all these luxury?
Well this is also depends on the type you are installing. There is totally wireless system that works with your home Internet connection. Make sure that your Internet connection covers all your home. Wireless connection costs you around some 1000$.

Whereas, you can also setup your home automation with the hardware wire. This connection is more secured compared to the wireless one but it costs you around 10,000$ to cover all your home. It totally depends on you what you chose!!

Rolling Up

These automations are making life more easier and luxury. With just the single remote in your hand you can easily control all your home devices.  Make you home smart today and automate all your day to day tasks. 

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