Asian smart home gadgets

My Best Asian Smart Home Gadgets You Must Try

Whenever we hear the word “smart” we automatically get it what that means.  Smart, so it must be fast, efficient, easy to use, and also comfortable. Right??

So, my today’s blog is around the Asian smart home gadgets that I’m using . I’ll review them all one by one and you can check what is useful for your or what is not. 

Let’s checkout some Asian gadgets that can really make your life more easier and the best part is you can order them to your home in all over USA. So, there’s nothing to worry about if you can get them online or not.

Now, coming to the amazing list of Asian Smart Home Gadgets :

1. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Toilet

This smart toilet comes with some amazing feature that we are gonna read below, this toilet can helps you in many ways when it comes to hygiene or saving your time by doing little tasks.  The first and very important feature of this toilet that you can control this with your smart phone. 

It is having some more useful feature that you must like, it can make your toilet seat heated, so that you don’t have to worry on winters. Also to maintain the hygeine it can automatically cleans the toilet seat before and after of every use.

The bidet feature in this toilet can helps you to adjust the water pressure and as well as temperature. (One of the favorite feature of mine)

Also there is a night light attached in the toilet that helps you to see the way properly by not being too bright.

At last, all of the above feature you can access with the Mijia app in you smart phone.

Price :  Around $300

Rating :  4.5

Satisfaction : 100/100

2. Samsung Bespoke AirDresser

Our weekdays are full of stress, no time for extra work or blah blah blah!!

So, for making your weekday little more easy this Bespoke AirDresser is all you need. Why?? Lets talk about it’s features and capabilities below.

Basically this air dresser can help you to keep your dress fresh and sanitize with the help of air and steam technology. It can remove the wrinkles on your dress or if it is little stain, you can leave that to your Bespoke Airdresser. Also it helps you to deodor the smells like smoke, sweat etc. 

The only negative point of this is that it is not made for big families or bulk of clothes. Anyways you can buy this for your own daily use.

My Rating : 4 Out of 5

Pricing : Around $2500

Satisfaction : 80/100

3. Toffy HF05 Aroma Lamp Humidifier

This is one of the most common smart home asian  gadgets. With this humidifier you can feel your home very fresh every time. It  comes with a 1 litre tank and lasts up to 20 hours ( Depends on the usage). 

Many people out there use as a humidifier or some as a source of light, or you can use it as both. Totally depends on you.

It comes with a different color and with a 3 variety of oil, you can choose whatever you like.

My Rating : 4 Out of 5

Pricing : Around $90

Satisfaction : 85/100

4. Thanko Rakua Mini Dishwasher

There are lot of people looking for mini dishwasher, so here it is.  This Dishwasher is idle for 1 or 2 people.  Many people including me like to eat in a different dish for every  meal, for those this is a perfect Dishwasher. 

You can also put this in a compact kitchen space as it does not take more space of your Kitchen. Talking about the weight I guess it is around 7 kgs, I’m not sure  but it is not more than that.

Also, this dishwasher is very easy to use, just turn it on and add some wash powder to it. That’s it!!

My Rating : 5 Out of 5

Pricing : Around $180

Satisfaction : 90/100

5. Toes Kurumin Electric Blanket

This electric blanket is a savior if your heating system does not works good in a winters season.  These blanket is very capable to keep your foot warm during cold seasons.

You can also set the timer for this blanket and can also set the temperature for this. Cool Right!!

Talking about uses, you can use this blanket in 2 types. Either you can lay on this blanket or you can just simply slip you foot under this. Choice is your’s. This blanket is primarly for lower body, if you want full body blanket then there are other options available online. You can check those also.

The best thing about this blanket is you can wash it in you home machine, you just need to remove it cable.

My Rating : 4 Out of 5

Pricing : Around $60

Satisfaction : 90/100


So, that’s all for today, this is all the asian smart home gadgets that I want to review in front of all you guys. Do let me know how you liked my products and how these are helpful for your home. I hope I’m unable to full fill your queries, if not then please reach out to me. I’ll try to explain more!!

See you in next blog.

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